What does Basileia mean?

“Your Kingdom (Gk.βασιλεία[Basileia]) come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  Matthew 6:10

Basileia is a Greek word that means "reign" or "Kingdom of God" stressing the revolutionary call of Jesus the King, and of his Kingdom. 

Reflecting our name...

We have been born out of a true passion for dance and a calling to minister to our community by bringing the healing, redeeming presence of our King and His Kingdom.


Basileia Christian Dance Company is a worship and praise ministry consisting of dancers between the ages of 7 and 57. We are united as one family, yet rehearse in four “peer” groups: Mini Youth (ages 7-8), Junior Youth (ages 9-10), Senior Youth (ages 11/12-mid teens), and Adult Co. (college and above). Though we emphasize and teach technique and performance principles our focus is on worship and praise as a means to glorify God and as inspiration in our choreography. Our choreography is our own and set mostly by our directors, with an occasional stage piece constructed by advanced dancers or guests. Our style tends to be unique – biblically lyrical, subtly contemporary, with an occasional taste of character and hip-hop flare, as well as American Sign Language for worship. We instruct at the barre and floor center, using warm-up and stretching routines as well as across the floor phrases, but spend most of rehearsal time teaching specific choreography for our annual production pieces.

It is important to note that all Basileia Dancers are being trained first and foremost to be abandoned in their worship, so as to be seasoned worship leaders when called to minister in our community. In no way does this allow for skill and technical training to be overlooked. All worship leaders must hone their skills and offer them to the Lord as a pleasing and fragrant blessing. 

We do not teach open classes to outside members of our company. Our membership is set prior to our season kick-off each year. Any interested parties may apply (see application form) and be added to our wait list for the following season.

Our studio home is Aspire Kids Sports Center in Chandler, Arizona, where we practice every Wednesday between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. We are blessed to be “Resident Company” for a supportive and encouraging organization. Visitors are welcome to observe through the dance room windows.